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Atlantis by Giardino

Five-star luxury in Zurich (CH)

Back in the 1960s, this 5-star hotel at the foot of Zurich's Üetliberg mountain was already the meeting place for internationally famous personalities such as Muhammad Ali, Steve McQueen and Freddie Mercury. Following its comprehensive renovation and modernisation in 2015, the 5-star luxury hotel “Atlantis by Giardino” now gleams with a new splendour. In addition to 95 exclusive rooms and suites, this modern 5-star urban retreat pampers its guests with two restaurants, two pools and a “dipiù” spa, which guarantees those looking for a restful experience an extra degree of relaxation.

In the areas of contact and inventory management, the hotel “Atlantis by Giardino” depends upon the intelligent CAFM solutions from DynaSphere. With the assistance of the interactive room book rooms can be visualised and relevant information rapidly accessed. The 5-star luxury hotel also uses the automated DynaSphere processes for key and contract management purposes. This ensures that tasks are initiated at an early stage and are completed on time.

Atlantis by Giardino