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Hitachi High-Technologies Europe

Digital Transformation in Facility Management

As part of the Hitachi Group, Hitachi High-Technologies Europe devotes itself to the issues of creativity and cutting-edge technology. The company focuses on innovations for a clean and sustainable future for society, commerce and the environment. Whether computers or peripheral devices, scientific instruments, electronic devices, industrial machines or materials: in the age of the “Internet of Things” Hitachi is integrating information technology and operational technology in order to support its customers with their digital transformation.

To facilitate digital transformation within the company, Hitachi High-Technologies is using DynaSphere. This intelligent facility management system has been deployed for the management of technical plant and equipment inventory and for in-house inventory purposes. With the help of mobile inventory modules the company is easily able to check and correct stock or assets. For this purpose, DynaSphere scans the QR codes or RFID chips of the existing Object module and automatically confirms the existence of the corresponding object. Additional plausibility checks of the details or stock round off this feature. In this way, DynaSphere ensures that all of the relevant data can be quickly and easily accessed at any time.