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Digital processes

Automation of business operations

Processes in businesses

Processes are an essential component of Facility Management. They run like a common thread through all areas of responsibility. From maintenance to the analysis of consumption data. The better the processes work, the more efficient the operation of the business. DynaSphere helps businesses to analyse and optimise processes.

Advantages of Industry 4.0

DynaSphere Processes is a module which automates business processes. Through the digital interlinking of man and machine, real-time analyses and machine learning, businesses can improve their efficiency and reliability significantly by using DynaSphere. The system takes care of the coordination and performance of tasks such as the monitoring of measured values or the completion of maintenance tasks.

Interaction with Facility Management

DynaSphere offers a wide range of modules for Facility Management, including the management of properties, systems, tasks and staff. The Processes module accesses all of these modules for the integral management and automation of operations.

DynaSphere replaces manual processes with digital ones. Besides the resulting efficiency improvement, there are additional opportunities for process control which are only made possible by the technical integration.

The digital reading of consumption data such as electricity, gas and water are examples of automation. Costs are lowered and reliability is improved. It is then possible to build on this automation process. In the event of irregular consumption data, machines can be switched off automatically or staff can be informed.

DynaSphere Processes stands for digital transformation in businesses. Digital interfaces generate valuable data for the analysis and control of processes for the optimisation of business operations.