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Perfect Overview

helps to ensure the highest standards

The central task of the general manager is to enable guests to have a comfortable and carefree stay at the hotel. Clever software solutions support the general manager to guide employees and help uphold the highest standards of quality. An easy to use data base solution with modules for "room datasheets", "assets", "contacts", "maintenance/tasks", "keys", "contracts" and "media" visualise the essential procedures in hotels and provides the general manager with all relevant information in real-time. Measurable. Unfiltered. Neutral. Tracking work, tasks and services leads to quick solutions when problems arise and thus to an increase in safety and quality for the whole company.

The constant possibility to appraise all procedures within the company also demands a best-in-class strategy. A large variety of evaluation tools illustrates developments and promotes endeavours for accelerated and optimised procedures. Hotels profit from an improved communication thanks to intelligent CAFM solutions, leading to lower costs and higher quality services.

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