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Municipalities, cities and communities

Receive support from intelligent software

Intelligent CAFM data bases are capable of making the tasks of municipalities, cities and communities more effective and efficient in a variety of ways. In the area of technical building management, maintenance work as well as provisions and waste disposal can all be documented. The same applies to optimisations, inspections or renovations. Assistance is also provided for central management tasks such as cleaning, reception, telephone, postal or copying services. Advantages such as real-time access and a large variety of evaluation possibilities can benefit commercial building management with regards to letting, contracts, running costs as well as in the areas of debt collection and bookkeeping.

  • Technical building management
    (maintenance, provisions/waste disposal, inspections, renovations, optimisation)
  • Infrastructural building management
    (cleaning, reception, telephone, postal, copying services)
  • Commercial building management
    (letting contracts, bookkeeping, running costs, debt collection)
  • Portfolio management
    (inventory, overview and assessment, strategy recommendation and implementation, budgeting / financial planning)
  • Asset management
    (evaluation measures: studies, concepts, requirement specifications)